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Autumn 2009 Newsletter

Commodore’s Notes

Members should be aware of the sudden drop into deeper water at the ends of both slipways and, to some extent, the ski matting. A member recently sustained a nasty gash probably from the concrete edge of the east facing slipway; the offending hole has now been filled with shingle. Please take extra care when launching and retrieving boats. I have asked Nickolls Quarries to provide extra shingle to fill in the holes.

The Wednesday afternoon series is coming to an end and despite the evident support suggested by the questionnaire turnout numbers have been low. As an alternative several members arrange among themselves ad hoc informal sailing when weather conditions are suitable. It may be that the formal Wednesday series should be discontinued.                                               Ian Hodge


Family Barn Dance     Saltwood Village Hall at 7.30pm               Saturday, 10th October

The Barn Dance with the Vagabonds at Saltwood Village Hall is earlier this year to avoid Guy Fawkes celebrations. Tickets are £6 and free for under 16s. They are available from Marion or Hilary at the Club. Please bring your own snacks and drinks for the interval, also plates, cutlery and glasses.

We would like raffle prizes again – one per smallish group or more for larger groups.


Kent Schools Sailing Association                    by Marion Smailes

Race Training and Sea Regatta                             4th & 5th July

Jack Turnbull in his Streaker 1478 excelled at this event held at Sandwich Bay Sailing Club. On the Saturday he won the Littlefield Memorial Trophy from a handicap fleet of 26 dinghies. On Sunday after four races in increasing wind strengths with two 1sts and a 3rd he was placed 2nd out of a fleet of 24. He tied with a Topper but missed the top spot on the discard.

Junior Regatta and Training                                       13th June

Held at Dover, five of our young sailors, Ben Gunn in a Laser Radial, Ellie Purvis, Greg and Doug Wood and Robert Gunn in Toppers, competed in this event. Light and fluky winds made sailing conditions difficult All did well in the many short races on different shaped short courses. Ben took 2nd place overall from a fleet of 25, Robert 5th, and Ellie 9th. Greg and Doug did extremely well in their first away event and returned to race at the Redoubt next day really fired up. One of them put his new found skills into action pointing high and preventing Bob Luckhurst overtaking to windward in his new Solo.


Adult Courses                                                   16th & 17th May

Unfortunately it was a very windy weekend so the theory was covered but  most of the practical had to be postponed to a later date. The wind also blew up too strong for beginners on the next date 25th July and had to be cancelled. Let’s hope the weather is kinder on 5th and 6th September – the date set for the next course.


Powerboat Handling

Any Club member wishing to receive some basic training this autumn/winter should contact Keith on 01303 271886, Keith@ macemark.co.uk  No certificates will be issued.


Committee Items

The Committee is happy to see children enjoying the lake in canoes/sailboards but responsibility for supervising this and similar non Club activities must rest with the adults in charge of the children. Nickoll’s regulations stipulate no swimming per se.

A reminder to Race Officers that there is a check list (underneath the plastic top by the notice board). It includes a requirement to ensure that a safety boat with an assigned crew is available before the race starts.

As reported in the May newsletter and following members’ proposals, a mobile phone is now in the Clubhouse. Suggestions for how it should operate are inside the door of the middle locked cupboard behind the tea bar. For it to work it does need to be switched on and off by members turning up on Sundays. It is not fair expecting Marion  to take on this in addition to running the tea bar. Anyone who feels this is a task they can cover as and when they are around on any Sunday is encouraged to do so.

Anyone with feedback on the Dinner Dance/music/prizes or suggestions for alternatives should pass them on to a Committee member.


Have a look at Neal’s site. He is a qualified sail maker as well as making covers, foil bags etc and turning his hand to boat repairs.


Spring Series

In the morning 25 sailed with 9 qualifying and in the afternoon 25 sailed but only 5 qualified.

Spring am

Spring pm

1= Yvonne & Brian Mumford Miracle 3831 3 1 Jack Turnbull            Streaker 1478 5.25
1= Tracy & Gemma Amos     Miracle 3692 3 2 Alan Baker               Rooster   377 12
3 Alan Baker                        Rooster   377 9.3 3 Roger Filby & Yvonne Mumford 12.75
4 Neal Gibson & Keith Macey    Miracle 4016 10.7


Fun Day                                 August Bank Holiday Monday

Keith was at the Club early and had already set up the Safety boat and pursuit start times on the board before the first arrival at 9.45. The sun shone and a steady south westerly breeze force 3 greeted us.

Pursuit Race

Keith had set a good course with 3 beats and 3 runs as well as reaches. The three Toppers set off first followed 6 minutes later by the two Miracles and a minute after them by the Solo and Streakers. The young Topper sailors worked hard to keep the lead but were overhauled and there was Jack again in the lead. Hilary in second place with a few minutes to go had a fright when Tracy had a lift to make buoy 8 in one but just managed to hang on. Dave Pescod was gradually working his way through the fleet in his Laser – just needed a longer race!  Twelve boats took part but the faster boats, Hobie 405, Tasar and RS Vareo, had a lot of water to cover to catch the leaders by the time they started.


Jack Turnbull Streaker 1478


Hilary Pittock Streaker 1435


Tracy & Mike Amos Miracle 3692


Dave Pescod Laser

As the race neared the finishing time at mid-day, Marion and Mike lit the barbecues and soon the chefs were at work cooking for their friends and family.


The Fun & Games

Perfect weather for a change and fifteen youngsters took to the water in two teams – no adult helms required this year. The new game of tag, where a milk container was trailed behind each Topper, was great and many a skilful manoeuvre was performed as each team tried to avoid being caught. They then joined in the fray once tagged until just one crew was left. Next the boats followed the safety boat and then Jack up towards the workings. The beat up the southerly leg proved a bit of a challenge but once everyone had sailed into the reach the ducks were let loose and the hunter gatherers set to work racing to the shore with their catch. Masts, booms, rudders and daggerboards were put away and the paddling race got under way. Every team member had to round the buoy in a Topper under paddle-power but the organisation was left to the teams. This made a good spectator sport. Finally 4 Toppers were roped together and moored at buoy 1 whilst all bravely stepped from one to the other trying to avoid falling in. A last jump off the end to complete the soaking before they all returned to shore. Once the Topper hulls had been put away, certificates were issued to those who had raced regularly at the Club and at the KSSA regattas and all chose a goody from the OnBoard bag. The end of a very good day and many thanks to Keith for all his planning and the running of the events.


Miracle Championships:                         by Marion Smailes

Puddleduck Trophy Open        Girton Sailing Club          4th June

Bounty no. 3692 and Just Legal no. 4016 were towed 210miles to this event near Newark, Notts. Nineteen Miracles sailed five races in glorious hot and sunny weather with a force 3 – 4 wind. Racing was extremely close and it was not until the closing stages of the fourth race that Tracy and Gemma knew they had won. They had three 1sts with their discards a 3rd and 5th. Neal Gibson and Keith Macey had a 3rd, 5th and 6th with discards of 7th and 10th to finish in 7th place..


Midland Area     Burton Sailing Club                 13th & 14th June

A 200 mile journey this time for the pair of Miracles. 21 boats turned out with some of the top helms and crews from other classes competing. Although very warm, conditions for sailing were far from ideal with a very light frustratingly fluky breeze on Sunday and only marginally better on Saturday. Tracy and Gemma did extremely well on the Saturday taking a 1st and 3rd place. However Sunday’s conditions did not suit them and their best result was a 6th and they were 4th overall. Neither day’s conditions suited the heavier pair of Neal and Keith.


Southern Area   Margate Yacht Club                   11th & 12th  July

Our doubty Miracle sailors were glad of an event closer to home. Five races were sailed in varying  wind strengths with the best three positions counting for the overall results. Tracy and Gemma finished in 3rd with three 3rd places, just pipping Neal with Brian Mumford as crew by one point with their placings of a 2nd and two 4ths.


National Championships  Ullswater Yacht Club  2nd to 7th August

A 736 mile round trip for Tracy, Gemma and Neal with Bounty and Just Legal for this week long event. Michael Mathews from Sunderland Yacht Club crewed for Neal. As is becoming the norm some top quality helms from other classes were included in the fleet of fiftyeight dinghies helping to up the game for the rest. The sailing conditions throughout the week were varied with no continuous strong winds but gusts reaching 29mph on one of the days as well as rain. A practice race in which Bounty was 4th and nine points races were sailed as well as various special events. As usual the worst two results were discarded. Bounty was placed 13th in the Gold fleet and 13th overall with a 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th 13th and two 14ths. Tracy with Gemma as crew won the leading Lady Helm Trophy for the seventh time – the last five consecutively.

Just Legal was 3rd in the Silver fleet and 26th overall with four good results in the high teens and three slightly lower – the majority of light winds not suiting the heavier crew. Neal’s crew Michael helmed Just Legal with Neal crewing in the Youth and Junior special event being the first Junior in both races so taking the Junior Trophy.


Thornton Steward Open                      Yorkshire       29th August

Neal with a friend from Yorkshire sailed in the two races on the first day in very strong winds and took 1st and 3rd place. Unfortunately they were unable to sail on the second day, due to other commitments.


Sprint 15 Single-handed Catamaran Nationals (previously known as Dart 15)

Dave and Jack Turnbull travelled to Pentewan Sands Sailing Club in South Cornwall to compete in this championship over three days at the end of August. Seven races were held in windy conditions force 5 to 6. Dave, in the heavy weight class, took 3rd place and was 24th overall with his best results being a 13th and 17th in a fleet of 60. Jack, in the junior class, took 1st place with five 1sts and two 4ths and was 31st overall in the fleet of 60. His best results in the fleet were a 6th and 16th.


Sunsail Vounake, Greece           May 2009         by Hilary Pittock

My cousin Elizabeth and her husband Mike, both experienced kayakers, have learnt their dinghy sailing by taking this type of holiday two or three times a year for the past seven years. They invited me to join them with their daughter Vicki originally travelling to Phokaia in Turkey until Sunsail withdrew from Turkey the day after the Dinghy Show over visa problems. A group from Maidenhead Sailing Club had also been transferred from Turkey.

It was very hot and most mornings the wind was almost non-existent. My first morning I tried a Topaz – very uncomfortable in the light condions – and after a couple of hours I crawled back in with an attack of cramp in my left leg. I was glad to hand the boat over to the beach crew – what luxury not having to rig or derig the dinghies. In the afternoon the wind built to a steady force 4 and Mike and I took out a Laser 2000 – very exhilarating planing on a reach. The next day the wind was on my upper limit and Elizabeth wanted to crew for me. We tried an RS Vision which I helmed very sedately spilling the wind in the gusts as Elizabeth was still recovering from a knee operation.

At 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday we competed in the yacht races in a 30foot Dufour. There were four yachts on both days. A good start the first time but despite our best efforts at sail trimming we were overhauled and came last. The second time we were last out of the marina as the first two yachts were snagged on the lines and the gun went before we reached the line. Again a dismal result and we learnt later that our yacht was due to be lifted out for a clean. Mike had hired a yacht for Wednesday and we sailed NW towards Levkas anchoring in a small bay. Time for a swim in the clear water, a picnic and another swim before heading north up the bay of Dhrepanon. We soon changed our minds as the depth started to reduce very rapidly and headed west over to Levkas apparently reaching a speed of 10knots. It felt fast but the instrument needed recalibrating. This turned out to be one of our best days. Ironic really as I hadn’t wanted to waste dinghy sailing time.

Each morning there were informal Clinics held on the beach. Mike and I attended the Asymmetric and Trapeze clinic on Thursday but much more time was spent on the trapeze section. I would have liked more on the spinnaker launching especially single-handed. When someone asked, “How do you steer?”, the answer came back, “You just do!”. The Asymmetric race was scheduled for the afternoon but was late starting because most crews wanted the one Xenon and none wanted the Omega which is what most of us ended up with. A triangular course was set and we were assigned to the second heat. Racing was fast and furious (a good breeze and competitive Maidenhead sailors) and the spinnaker leg exhilarating. Unfortunately we had to retire as the yacht race briefing and registration were due to take place very soon. Friday afternoon I tried the RS Feva with spinnaker. It was rather frantic launching the spinnaker with the short tiller gripped between my knees as I first had to step forward to uncleat the uphaul but it worked and I also tried gybing it.

Vicki had paid £75 for a two day RYA course “Sailing with Spinnakers” – individual tuition as no one else had enrolled. I hovered about them Saturday morning and saw how the spinnaker should have been launched – much calmer with the helm in the normal position after releasing the uphaul. It would have been better in the afternoon to have delayed the regatta start by a quarter of an hour as the wind dropped right off then backed (as normal) through 900. The staff aimed to have every available dinghy on the water so it was busy. I’d been ready on the original start line in a laser radial but along with most of the fleet had to stand up and pump to the new line and by the time we started the canny few were at the first buoy – most frustrating. Once the breeze picked up, I enjoyed myself especially holding off a laser sailor who complained about his boat not being able to point as high as mine. Meanly I did not tell him he was sitting too far back. In the end he grazed all the way up my windward gunwale then did his penalty turn on my bow all the while apologising profusely. He normally sailed an Enterprise.

I was impressed with the Kids Clubs and the happy atmosphere that prevailed. I wouldn’t have minded joining in their fun sailing in the Taz (probably too cramped) when the wind dropped right off. It was an excellent week and very good value for money. Also I welcomed the opportunity of trying out different dinghies but decided I preferred sailing my Streaker!


Ted Burren

Ted was a long time Miracle sailor with the Club until arthritis forced him to retire. He and Fred were almost the same age and began building their Miracles at the same time only Ted finished his in 3 months and Fred 6 months. In those days there was a large Miracle fleet and a big contingent travelled up to the Nationals at Ullswater one year. Ted died on 21st June and his funeral, at Barham on 1st July,  was on one of the hottest days of the year.

There was a very large turn out and it was good to see many former members of the Club present. The service was taken by the Rev Desmond Sampson who had lived in Lyminge before becoming a priest and knew Ted well.Here is part  of his address:

“Ted was born in Elham and lived all his life in the Elham Valley. A man of many parts, abilities and interests, he made a significant contribution to many organisations over the years, more particularly the Royal Observer Corps and when disbanded to the ROC Association for which he was awarded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal..

On leaving school, Ted was apprenticed to J J Clayson & Son as a carpenter/joiner learning so much about woodworking which set him up for a later career as an experienced craftsman, working with Andrew Garrett and Richard Clayson in the specialised work on early keyboard instruments. Over the years his skills were more fully recognised when his instruments came from stately homes, from palaces and from abroad. He loved his work and he was highly respected for his knowledge and abilities.

Apart from his work, Ted was involved in many village activities, including the Elham Sea Cadets, Barham Motorcycle Club, Lyminge and Elham young people’s Dramatic societies, Elham Cricket Club, Elham Young Farmers’ Club, the Challock Gliding Club, the Redoubt Sailing Club – in what spare time he had left, a life-long member of the Oddfellows Friendly Society.

Ted met Connie at a village dance in 1946 and they were married in September 1952 but not until he had built the bungalow which has been their home ever since. The arrival of Judy, Wendy and Rex demanded more of his spare time but didn’t stop him building a dinghy for them in the front room and then his Miracle FR2 (the last!).

In all this I have mentioned, Ted was a quiet man whose reputation was known far and wide – always glad to help or advise, whose skills will continue to be appreciated by those who perform on his instruments, or like me for the two bookcases in my study that he made for me 44 years ago when I was ordained. To the family I say you must be rightly proud of Ted, not just today but in the future.”



A new sailing year and you will see from your fixture list that there are again closed dates for fishing although no Sunday morning races have had to be cancelled. The Wednesday evening series is under discussion. Members have been circulated with a questionnaire. Please pick one up at the Club if you have not received one. The Rule of two boat lengths has been changed to three this year when calling for water at a mark. If the first person to finish the afternoon race is well-ahead perhaps you would bring the buoys in. There are vacancies on the Committee and anyone interested is invited to sit in on some meetings to see what is involved. Now that Colin is back in action and Dave is unavailable, members are asked to sign up on the Race Officer rota. There is also a rota for the tea bar for the dates when Marion is away. Please sign if you can help. Still no work on Martello Lakes – held up by the current economic climate.


Junior Learn to Sail Course         Saturdays, 25 April  & 2 May

Once the shower clouds had dispersed, the first session was warm in the sunshine when out of the brisk breeze. Twentyone youngsters took to the water. There were nine of the older ones (three of them beginners) in Toppers with Rob, Charlie, Jack, Julian and Jim, two Oppie improvers with Mike and ten beginners in Oppies with Keith, Hilary, Yvonne and Brian. Unfortunately conditions were far from ideal as the wind strengthened all day. All the youngsters got out on the water for a sail. It was a struggle paddling the Oppies upwind. A bit of theory and then some brave Oppie sailors had a go at capsizing. Some of the Toppers had had plenty of practice already!

Donations of robust wooden paddles about 1m in length would be gratefully received by the Club.


The Adult Beginners and Improvers course on 16th and 17th May is fully booked.


Boat Hire

A reminder to all new members or any members without boats, that the Club’s training boats – Optimists, Toppers, Mirror and Laser are available for hire when the Club is open – £2.50 per half day session for juniors and £3.50 per half day session for adults. For insurance purposes, non-members must sign the form (kept in the drawer) which gives them free temporary membership for the day.


August Bank Holiday Fun Day                      Monday, 31 August

11am Pursuit Race, Barbecue – own food, 1.10pm Games. Approximate timings.


Barn Dance                                                 Saturday, 10 October

After drawing a blank with Lyminge, Elham and Dymchurch, Marion has hired Saltwood Village Hall and by October it will be sporting a new floor. The Vagabonds will be providing the caller and music. Bring your own light snacks and drinks for the interval.


Kent Schools Sailing Association                     Saturday 9 May

The Redoubt is to host the Topper Team racing and has entered a team. Supporters will be welcome.


Frostbite Series 2009

There were 25 entries and 9 qualified.

1 Tracy & Gemma Amos Miracle  3692 4.5
2 Jack Turnbull Streaker  1478 10.2
3 Keith Macey Streaker  1479 16
4 Alan Baker Rooster 8.1  377 16.75

Easter Series 2009

What a contrast from last year’s weather when there were 6 entries for the Easter series. Then we were in the grip of winter again – gales, snow and hail. This year it was sunny and warm with light breezes. 18 sailed with 10 qualifying. The largest turnout was 12 on Sunday morning. Marion Smailes provided Easter eggs for the prize winners.

1 Tracy & Gemma Amos Miracle          3692 1.5
2 Alan Baker Rooster 8.1    377 5
3 Hilary Pittock Streaker         1435 10
4 Neal Gibson & Keith Macey Miracle          4016 11



NE Area Championships                              4th and 5th April

Tracy and Neal trailed their boats 250miles up to Barton-upon-Humber where the host club N.Lincs & Humberside SC sails on a gravel pit almost under the Humber Bridge. The Club has 3 webcams and Mike Smailes was able to look in on the internet.

14 dinghies competed in the 5 races held over 2 days. Tracy and Gemma Amos in “Bounty “no. 3692 and Neal Gibson and Keith Macey in Neal’s new Miracle “Just Legal” no. 4016 made a good start to the season. Difficult conditions in fairly strong winds on the Saturday saw Bounty take 1st and 3rd in the first two races. Just Legal lead the second race by a considerable margin until a spectacular capsize reduced them to 5th.

In the lighter winds on Sunday, Just Legal got away to a good start and finished 2nd. Bounty was 4th after a poor start. The tables were turned in the second race with Bounty 2nd and Just Legal having had problems finishing 10th. The final race gave both dinghies a good result with Bounty 3rd and Just Legal 4th. With the three best results to count Bounty was placed 3rd and Just Legal 4th.

Open    Taplow Lake SC, nr Maidenhead                       18th April

Eight dinghies competed in three races with the best two positions counting. Sunshine and light flukey winds of 10 – 15 knots were perfect for Bounty. After some close racing among the first four boats Bounty gained three 1st places giving her 1st overall with Just Legal two 3rd places and a 4th giving her 3rd overall.


Kent Schools Sailing Association       Opening Splash  18th April

Hosted by Bewl Valley SC at Bewl Water, 28 competitors sailed in four general handicap races with three results counting. Windy conditions with 20 to 25 knots made for difficult sailing. Jack Turnbull sailing Streaker 1478 was placed 6th overall with two 4th places and one 8th after hasty makeshift repairs to a damaged rudder (twigs as no long screws were readily available).

Ben Gunn and Ellie Purvis, overpowered in a Laser II, changed to a Feva. Sailing competitively together for the first time and although not in the top ten, they did extremely well.


Annual General Meeting                                           29th March

23 attended the meeting in the Clubhouse. After soup and rolls provided by Chrissie Purvis and Marion Smailes, the meeting began at 1230. Ian Hodge in his Commodore’s report summarised the Club’s year. The bad weather in 2008 had affected numbers sailing especially on Wednesday afternoons although there was a slight increase in the number of competitors in the summer. 20% of the races were cancelled. Ian thanked Keith and his team for running the training and Keith especially for his sterling efforts in procuring grants for new Oppies and a safety boat. He also thanked Marion for running the Tea Bar, Linda King for maintaining the Club website and Hilary for editing the newsletter.

The treasurer reported an increase in income from new members joining the Club and also from teabar sales. Insurance was up to cover the new Oppies and safety boat. Keith had brokered grants from the RYA and Downs Sailing Club. It was proposed to retain membership rates at: £30 – Family, £18 – Single, £9 – Student, £9 – Social and £18 – Block.

Ian expressed his appreciation to Arthur King and Derek Furminger who were standing down from the Committee. Ian thanked them for all their work for the Club. The committee for 2009 were elected as follows: Ian Hodge Commodore, Bob Luckhurst Treasurer, Rob Purvis Membership Secretary, Colin Howard Sailing Secretary, Alan Baker, Keith Macey and Dave Pescod. The post of Secretary has still to be filled. Geoff Earland who joined last year volunteered for the Committeee. There are 3 vacancies on the Committee.

Under Any Other Business: Dave Turnbull suggested introducing possible changes to the Race Officer duties concerning the duration of a race and delaying the start. The duration should be approximately 60 minutes unless conditions were extreme ie too much or too little wind. Stopping the race after the duration – slow boat first if it happens not the lead boat. If the wind  is reasonable all well and good but not if it drops. How long could the start be delayed (particularly in the morning) before the race is abandoned? After discussions it was suggested that if the race had not started by 11.25 it should be abandoned.

The Committee had decided not to stage a Streaker Open meeting again this year. The request would have to be made in the Autumn. Lack of access to the Lake and negative messages at the gate came up again. A direction sign to the Club on the road “foundered on the rock of bureaucracy”. Dave Pescod is to look into producing an eye catching poster for possibly the noticeboard to the left of the gate.


Annual Dinner/ Prize giving – 21 March

The Sene Valley Golf Club was the venue for this year. At first glance the menu choice of chicken fricassee, beef bourguinon or vegetarian looked a bit uninspiring but the food was actually very tasty. The dancers would have liked a larger dance floor.

Distribution of Prizes and Trophies

Burgess Rose Bowl – Frostbite Tracy & Gemma Amos Spring pm Redoubt Shield Tracy Amos & Keith Macey
Spring am Trophy Jack Turnbull Spring pm Redoubt Shield Jack Turnbull
Midsummer Mug – Wed pm Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge
Surrenden Cup – Summer am Tracy & Gemma Streaker Trophy Jack Turnbull
Channel Cup – Summer pm Tracy & Gemma Laser Shield Dave Pescod
Redoubt Cup – Winter am Tracy & Gemma Miracle Trophy Tracy & Gemma
Winter pm  Shield Jack Turnbull Bob Young Barometer Ian Hodge



Wednesday Evenings

1 Tracy & Gemma Amos     Miracle 1 Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge  Scorpion
2 Jack Turnbull                 Streaker 2 Fred Barrington            Miracle
3 Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge   Scorpion

Spring am

Spring pm

1 Jack Turnbull                     Streaker 1= Tracy Amos & Keith Macey         Miracle
2 Tracy Amos & Keith Macey    Miracle 1= Jack Turnbull              Streaker
3 Dave Pescod                    Laser 3 Dave Pescod              Laser
4 Alan Baker                        Laser

Summer am

Summer pm

1 Tracy & Gemma Amos      Miracle 1 Tracy & Gemma Amos        Miracle
2 Jack Turnbull                   Streaker 2 Jack Turnbull               Streaker
3 Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge  Scorpion 3 Mike Smailes                Streaker

Winter am

Winter pm

1 Tracy & Gemma Amos      Miracle 1 Jack Turnbull               Streaker
2 Jack Turnbull          Streaker 2 Alan Baker                  Rooster 8.1
3 Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge     Scorpion Tracy & Gemma Amos         Miracle


Club website

Linda is always pleased to receive your latest pictures of Club events – RedoubtSC@frithcc.demon.co.uk. She would ask that the files are compressed for quickness of viewing. The Dinghy Store on the Sea Wall at Whitstable donated some Gift Vouchers for the raffle prize at the Prizegiving Dinner and requested a link to their website address. If ordering from their website all orders in the CT postcode region will be despatched on a next day service for £2.99. Please note Charts and Books postage option must be chosen for the £2.99 delivery charge.


Canterbury Cruising Club 2009                       Tony Gilbert 01303 276402







Wed 20 -Sat 23  May Norfolk Broads. Camping w. dinghies and bikes Arrive 1930 ish Back to Bureside at Oby and launching straight into the dike  rivers Thurne and Bure etc

Sat midday

Wed 26 Aug Annual cycle ride in France Early start details in due course Numbers early please.
Sat 5 Sept Deal 0900 Sandwich Quay 1410 (5.9m)


Sat 12 Sept Kent Churches  – cycle ride 1000 Chez Hilary – Ashford. Details later
Sat 19 Sept Whitstable Harbour 0900 Harty Ferry – return 1330  6.3m


Sat 17 Oct Hythe: Stade St. or Hythe & Saltwood S C 1045 Folkestone (small beach in harbour)  –


1050 (6.0m)



For all cruises please bring alternative means of propulsion, but there will normally be at least one dinghy with outboard  (+flare)  if weather etc indicate likely need.  If in doubt re weather etc., please ring Tony. Route may be switched at short notice, or one-way cycle ride (downwind) laid on  Decision normally made on morning of cruise. HEALTH WARNING:All cruises undertaken at own risk. Please bring buoyancy aids. Please ring Tony as soon as possible to indicate which events you are/ are not likely to attend as it does helps to know numbers well in advance.


Club Mobile Phone

07880 767 160. Outgoing use is for emergencies. The phone is to be switched on when the tea bar is open for use if Visitors want to gain access and switched off when the tea bar closes.


Streaker Open Requests for and offers of help to run a meeting in 2010 should be made to the Committee and Graham Browning in the early autumn. The last meeting in 2007 brought a buzz to the Club with 19 competing, four of whom had travelled over from Jersey with a quadruple stacker.


January 2009 Newsletter

Commodore’s Notes

Happy New Year (and better sailing weather) to all our readers.

Firstly a plug for the AGM. As Sunday at the Club proved so popular we thought we would do it again this year. The date is  29th March at 1330 hours. Hope to see you then. At the AGM the Club will be looking for volunteers to serve on the Committee. At this stage it looks as if we need at least one Committee member, we will also be seeking to fill two vacant officer posts (Secretary and Sailing Secretary) and another post due to become vacant – Membership Secretary. Please don’t feel shy about putting yourself forward as a candidate. Speak to any existing or former Committee member about what’s involved.

Following the suggestion at the last AGM, Graham Browning and I have looked into the possibility of having a Club sign installed on the roadside by the entrance. We considered a brown tourist sign but this is not possible as the lake is not open to the general public. The Committee is considering other possible options.

Ian Hodge

Club Trophies

Please return these to Derek Furminger as soon as possible and not later than the end of January.

Derek has been kind enough to compile two albums of photos of the trophies with a roll of winners for each one. This is to replace the album that went missing some years ago. More about this on page 3.

AGM                                                          Sunday, 29th March

The Annual General Meeting will be held the Club at 1.30pm. Last year Marion Smailes provided hot cross buns – a great success.

Dinner, Dance & Prizegiving                    Saturday, 21st March

Sene Valley Golf Club at 7pm for 7.30pm – £21 adults or £10 students for three courses. There have been good reports of the food. The event is open to all members, family and friends.

Training Courses

This year’s training courses are currently being planned, provisional dates are:

4/5 April – Adult Level 1 & 2

25 April & 2 May – Junior course (Oppies for beginners and improvers/ Toppers for older children – introduction to racing)

12/13 September – Adult Level 1 & 2

Booking forms available from Keith email: keith@macemark.co.uk or tel: 01303 271886 (evenings). Please book early for the Junior course to avoid disappointment.

KSSA Topper Team Racing at Redoubt 2009

For the older children who participated in last year’s Kent Schools Topper Team Racing at Redoubt, there will be practice racing training sessions on the two Sundays leading up to the main event on 9th May 2009.

OnBoard Taster Session             Saturday, 27th September 2008

This was our second RYA OnBoard day providing taster sessions for local school children. Stuart Bishop, our local OnBoard Development Officer, visited Lympne Primary School in advance of the day to promote the event, ably assisted by Ellie. This resulted in many more children than our first OnBoard event.

On the day the weather was perfect – F2/3 and very sunny. Sailing was provided in Oppies, Mirror, Miracle, Toppers and Topper Magnos providing a good mix of first experiences for the children. This resulted in many more children from the morning session opting to stay for the rest of the day. Despite having more children than boats we coped, and Tracy proved just how many children you can fit in a Miracle as crew! In total 25 children took to the water and a number of parents also took out Toppers. The day was very successful and thanks go to all the instructors, helpers and volunteers for making it happen. More OnBoard events are planned for 2009.

Powerboat Courses                                               Autumn 2008

Two powerboat courses were run this autumn for parents and volunteers who help out on training courses. Conditions were generally cold with a lack of wind, especially the last course in Nov/Dec. Congratulations go to Andy Whitham, Jim Gunn, Chris Lawson, Charlie Dodd, Jack Turnbull and Brian Mumford who all passed with flying colours. A safety boat course is planned for this year. (Keith  unwrapped the new safety boat, a New Matic, on 2nd November after collecting it earlier in the week.)

New Oppies!!!

We have taken delivery of six brand new training Oppies, funded by the Club. RYA OnBoard Scheme, and Downs SC. The boats are currently being rigged and prepared for the training courses. Ellie test sailed the first one on a windy autumn day. You can’t miss the bright multi-coloured sails. Together with our existing plastic Oppies this will bring us up to 12 boats and avoids the need for hiring in RYA dinghies for our junior courses. It also provides new kit for hire on a Sunday and increased capacity for other events such as Downs Kinder Days.

RYA Volvo Champion Club

We are currently working towards status as an RYA Volvo Champion Club, which acknowledges sailing clubs that provide race training for children. It is envisaged that this will run alongside the OnBoard programme and will provide a focus for older children in Toppers acting as a bridge towards Kent Schools Sailing Association events around the County.

Becoming a Volvo Champion Club will give us access to more funding, training resources, RYA Racing Coaches to help on our courses, and training existing instructors/helpers to become Racing Coaches.                                                                                                Keith Macey


Summer Series

Numbers sailing and qualifying were very similar to last year.

am 32 sailed  8 qualified pm 30 sailed and 8 qualified
1. Tracy & Gemma Amos           Miracle 6.58 1. Tracy & Gemma    Miracle    3692 8.17
2. Jack Turnbull                            Streaker 1478 9.00 2. Jack Turnbull         Streaker 1478 9.0
3. Bob Luckhurst & Caroline Hodge Scorpion 1821 16.3 3. Mike Smailes          Streaker  1476 30.33
4. Roger Filby & Yvonne Mumford  Miracle 3831 22.75 4. Dave Pescod         Laser       172694 32.0

Miracle Inland Championships               20th & 21st September

Tracy and Gemma Amos,  in their Miracle 3692 ‘Bounty’, competed in the final championship of the season hosted by Draycote Water Sailing Club, Derby.

Twenty nine Miracles sailed five races over two days in a very light and fickle breeze. Several postponements were held to allow for the breeze to fill in or settle. Bounty finished in 7th place overall with the three best positions counting being 4th, 5th and 9th.

Barn Dance                                                        15th November

Another lively and enjoyable evening this time at Lympne Village hall with the Vagabonds again providing the music and the caller. After a slow start with ticket sales the final number attending was seventy eight. It was good to see the youngsters joining in. Many thanks to all those who brought raffle prizes and bought tickets. Marion, Mike with their friends and Hilary set up the hall. Many thanks to them and to the team who cleared and swept up afterwards.
It was a good evening and we hope to run another Barn Dance next year earlier in the autumn.

Trophies                                                                                              Marion Smailes

Marion and Michael Smailes have assisted with information relating to the history of some of the trophies from earlier years and the earlier winners. The albums are now in the Club if anyone wishes to go on a nostalgic trip.

It is interesting to see the names of some current members on the rolls of winners from the early days. It is also good to see that some of the earlier members have returned in recent years.A brief resumé of the number of appearances of current members’ names on the trophies up to and including 2007 is listed below.

1st Year
Tracy Amos (crewed 1) 54 includes 7 as Tracy Smailes 1980
Gemma Amos (crew) 35 1995
Michael Smailes 27 1969
Tony Russell 21 1983
Mike Amos (crew) 13 1989
Dave Turnbull 12 1982
Bob Luckhurst 11 1981
Caroline Hodge (crew) 10 1990
Arthur King 8 1982
Colin Howard 8 1993
Jack Turnbull 8 2005
Lawrence Andrews 7 2000
Hilary Pittock 6 1989
Fred Barrington 6 1992
Marian Clarke 6 1997
Dave Pescod 6 1999
Derek Furminger 6 2000
Yvonne Mumford née Filby 5 1988
Keith Macey 5 2000
Roger Filby 4 1987
Brian Mumford (crew) 4 1991
Ian Hodge 4 1996
Alan Baker 3 1995
John Peach 3 2000
Marion Smailes 2 1976
Graham Browning 2 1995
Rob Purvis 2 2002
Tony Distefano 2 2004
Charlie & Jackie Dodd 1 1983
John Burrell 1 1989
Chris Lawson 1 2007

Club Mobile Phone

For use if visitors want to gain access – the number 07880 767160 will be on the gate. Outgoing use is for emergencies. The phone is to be switched on when the tea bar is open and switched off when it closes. More details in the Club.